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You know you need professional advice on your personal finances, but just exactly what kind of help is right for you?  The table below outlines various services like you were planning a road trip with your family to help you figure it out.  Services can be mixed and matched, or purchased are in the Driver's Seat!  Buckle up and check out the various options, get on your road, with your goals/roadmap, and your freedom!

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Who's it for?

Preparing for the Trip - How do I get my financial life off to a good start?

20- and early 30-year olds

Car Inspection - How much life and other insurances to I need?

Anyone looking to protect their assets

Tour de 401 (k) - How do I allocate my 401 (k), 403 (b), etc.? How much should I put into it?

Investors looking for advice on company-sponsored retirement plans

Defensive Driving - How do I allocate my portfolio and ongoing savings?

Investors looking to revamp an out-of-control portfolio

The Home Stretch - How much house should I buy?

Home buyers, especially first-timers

A Sharp Turn - How do I change jobs, careers, or maybe start my own business. Income and benefits may be less, at least for a while.

Anyone considering a career change

Driving School - How do I fund my children's education?

Parents (and others) paying for college

Pedal to the Metal - I'm planning to retire in the not-too-distant future. How do I ensure I'll be ready?


Traveling Solo - I need help making financial decisions now that I'm alone.

Anyone suffering from a divorce, widows, or widowers

Check the Gas Gauge - Will I make it through retirement? Do I have enough? How do I make my money last as long as I need it?


Roadmap/GPS - I'd like to make sure I'm on track with respect to all aspects of my financial life.

Anyone seeking a comprehensive financial review and plan

Your Own Map - I'd like help with personal financial questions that don't exactly line up with your service offerings.

Anyone with custom personal financial planning needs

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