Career change?  One of our specialties!

If you've been looking to make a job change but still haven't worked out the personal finance piece of the puzzle, we can show you how.

As a CFP® we offer objective, affordable fee-only financial planning and investment advice you need to get on your road, reach your goals, and accomplish your freedom. 

So what's your goal?

Financial Planning About You, Not Product Sales

Financial Freedom Planners™ was founded by Charles Roberts, a Certified Financial Planner™ professional, based on his personal and professional experience.  He saw a flaw in the way most financial planning was offered, emphasizing the sale of investment or insurance products rather than objective, competent financial advice.

Seeing the inherent conflicts of interest, Chuck felt there had to be a better way to work with people on such important life matters. This philosophy formed his commitment to offering financial planning services through “fee-only” as-needed engagements.
Please take a look at How to Get Started, then schedule an introductory phone call with Chuck by contacting us online or at 804-277-9734.  This is the first step in getting to know each other, allowing us time to answer your initial questions and discuss your financial planning needs.

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Suddenly Single?

For whatever reason, you find yourself in a position of making financial decisions alone.  You like the idea of a trusted advisor that can help educate, empower, and navigate in a complex world, and works just for you.

Invest for retirement...or college...or both?

If you're like many in mid-career, you could use some objective advice on how to plan these challenging, sometimes competing goals.

Ensure a secure retirement?

You're near or in retirement, and you think you've saved enough.  But you would feel much more confident with some professional, objective input.